Understand Your Situation.

Learning about your situation is the first step in our process, and without a doubt the most important step. Many of us have similar goals, but each situation is different and we’re careful to focus on your particular situation. Typically, we’ll start the process by learning about your: Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and your Goals


Identify Your Goals

We all have goals, but often, we haven’t taken the time (or had the resources) to clearly define our goals in a manner that will allow us to make accomplishing them a reality. Through this process, we’ll invite you to dream big and to paint us a picture of what you want your future to look like. Typically, we’ll cover things like: Building an Emergency Fund, Investments, Retirement Planning, and, Insurance Planning.


Analyze Your Goals

Now that we’ve outlined your goals, it’s time to run the numbers so we see if you’re currently on track. Our software will tell us one of two things: 1) that you’re on track, or 2) that we have some work to do. Don’t worry too much about the results, because this is a marathon and we have time on our side.


Develop Your Plan

Once we’ve analyzed your goals, we’ll begin the process of creating your road map to success. The plan will be comprehensive in nature and will consider personal accounts that you have control of in addition to your employers benefits, and government-based programs like Social Security & Medicare.


Present Customized Strategies

Before you can take action on your financial plan, we’ll want to review our ideas with you so we can ensure that our recommendations meet your needs and expectations. Each family’s financial strategies are tailed to their specific wants, needs, goals, and expectations so we want to ensure a perfect fit.


Implement Solutions

After working together to refine our recommendations, we’ll start the process of implemented new recommended strategies. We’ll take special care to continue using the strategies that are working while integrating new approaches that will push your financial plan to the next level.


Monitor Your Plan

The final step of the planning process is to monitor your plan over the years. We live in a world that’s constantly changing, and although an oldie can be a good, we don’t want today’s best practices to become outdated and sub-optimal over time. By periodically ‘kicking the tires’ we can ensure that your financial journey is a smooth ride and that you feel comfortable and confident throughout the adventure.