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Annuities are complex things, full of terms and conditions that can often be confusing. Our expert team will guide you through your annuity, letting you know exactly where you stand so you can plan confidently for your retirement.

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Keeping things simple

Understanding the ins and outs of your annuity can be a daunting task. With terms and conditions that are notoriously complex, we’ve made it our job to help people understand their annuity, precisely and clearly. Our listen-first, educate-first approach gives you the retirement planning insight you need in simple straightforward language. With our team explaining everything you need to know, you can rest assured that your annuity won’t deliver any nasty surprises down the line.

What You Stand to Gain:

A quick guide to annuities

There are many different types of annuities. Like most things, knowledge is power.

A fixed annuity guarantees a steady income stream or a predictable, safe return for a specified period. This provides predictable returns and security against market volatility.

This annuity ties your returns to a market index, like the S&P 500, offering the potential for higher gains while protecting against losses. It blends growth opportunities with a guaranteed minimum return.

This allows for investment in various funds, offering higher potential returns but also greater risk, with income that fluctuates based on investment performance.

This type provides regular income payments almost immediately after investment, helping retirees convert their savings into a guaranteed income.

Deferred annuities delay income payments until a future date, allowing for long-term growth on a tax-deferred basis.

Transparency is at the heart of everything we do

At Innovative Wealth Building, our dedication to fiduciary standards means that your best interests will always come first. With clear, unbiased advice central to everything we do, we focus on delivering peace of mind that the annuity choices you have made are best for you. With a 99% referral-based track record, we’ve earned a reputation as a financial planning firm that people can depend on.

About Us

Based in California, Maryland, with offices in Los Angeles, CA, and Fort Worth, TX, Innovative Wealth Building is a team of Certified Financial Planners® that specialize in simplifying the annuity and retirement process. Combining in-depth industry knowledge with clarity and openness, we help clients plan their futures more reliably and rewardingly.

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I have been with IWB since they've opened their doors, and Happy with the move. Highly recommend their services.

- Jon M.

"Have been clients since 2016 ; trust them completely! Do yourself a favor and PLAN your financial future with their expert advisement!"

- Becky K.

"Great company and associates! Enjoy their webinars to help educate clients as well as tailored semi-annual reviews to ensure clients are on track."

- Greg W.

Frequently asked questions

Our 50-point analysis is a comprehensive review that provides you with a clear understanding of your specific annuity. We’ll carefully explain which type of annuity you have, its benefits, expenses, tax implications, and how it aligns with your retirement goals.

Absolutely not. As we said, our prime focus is on providing you with the information you need and answering your questions. You won’t be pressured into buying anything.

Your annuity review will be handled by a Certified Financial Planner® (CFP®) who will make sure you get the guidance and insight you want.

The consultation typically lasts about an hour, during which we will explain your annuity and address any queries or concerns. If you’d like additional help, we can discuss further steps after the analysis

We offer expert insight into a wide range of annuities. No matter what type you have, we provide you with the understanding needed to plan your future more confidently.

At Innovative Wealth Building, your privacy is our priority. Any information you share with us will be kept strictly confidential, with all our systems and procedures adhering to strict data privacy standards and regulations.

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